Umbilical Truss
Umbilical Truss

Umbilical Truss


Product Description

Umbilical truss reduces hernia by giving an external support to the weakened muscles. Soft material keeps the baby’s body warm and avoids harm to skin. Its designed to provide relief and special care for infant umbilical hernia. The elastic bandage and medical-grade silicon pad constitute a care belt which ideally applies pressure to the umbilicus for hernia improvement; and the material is soft, not irritating, and can reduce the opportunity to stimulate delicate skin of baby. It shows good results for the care of the umbilical hernia infant patients.

Features of Umbilical Truss

  1. Stability of the pressure force:use of medical grade silicone to produce pressurized timber, to provide stable and uniform pressure force.
  2. Indeed fixed:silicone pressurized timber combines with the elastic bandage which can be gently fixed on infant body and will not be shifted so easily, to accelerate the healing time and cure appearance.
  3. Tender care without skin damage:use of soft cloth and flexible medical grade silicone material, not to hurt the baby’s tender skin.

Intended Use

  1. Umbilical hernia or to other body parts intended to apply pressure.
  2. Age under 1 including premature baby.

Directions for use

  1. Lay down the infant and place the truss under waist.
  2. Gently press umbilicus to flatten the hernia and then position the pad button over umbilicus.
  3. Adjust the elastic bandage for best fastening and comfort.
  4. Close the hook and loop.


  1. Keep away from heat and sun light.
  2. Consult pediatrician for instruction prior to the application or consult our therapist.
  3. Do not apply on open and unhealed wound.
  4. Washed by neutral detergent and exchanged regularly.
  5. Discontinue use and consult the physician if irritation, rash or any discomfort occurs.
  6. Loosen truss when bathe the infant or clean the skin for sweat.


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