VACOpedes Diabetic Long
VACOpedes Diabetic Long

VACOpedes Diabetic Long


Pressure Relief – for the Patient, the Doctor and the Nursing Staff

Vacuum Technology

Vacuum Technology
VACO12 technology is the core technology of VACO Products. A cushion filled with thousands of styrofoam pearls is surrounding the injured body parts. By the perfectly round shape of the pearls, they can absorb 12 times the pressure each. When air is extracted from the cushion by using a pump, the body shaped cushion becomes hard (as a cast does), just in a few seconds. By opening the valve and letting air flowing inside the cushion, it becomes soft again and can be re-adjusted to the body part. Hence the Vacuum Technology avoids pressure to the body site and provides stability due to a perfectly shaped orthosis at any time.

Product Description

VACOpedes Diabetic Long

VACOped Diabetic Advantages at a Glance

VACOped Diabetic Advantages at a Glance
  • Excellent pressure distribution due to vacuum technology
  • Successful wound healing due to excellent pressure relief
  • A possibility of lockable clasp for better compliance control
  • Easy wound inspection simplifies treatment
  • Rocker sole for good pressure distribution, safe and
    physiological gait
  • Removable sole for better hygiene
  • Traceability by serial number simplifies logistic processes
  • Toe clap for protection and hygiene
  • Shapeable foam insole for additional offloading
  • Changeable liners for hygiene and comfort
  • Cast stable. Replaces cast and walker (All-in-One Product)
  • Adaptable. 3 sizes only (saves storage space)
  • An option of the range of motion (ROM) from -15° to +30°
  • Clinically proven results

VACOpedes Diabetic Long Indications

  • Diabetic Foot Syndrome
  • Ulcerations on the foot
  • Post-operative care after toe and forefoot amputations
  • Diabetic neuro osteoarthropathy
  • DNOAP and Charcot’s foot

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