Walking Frame Without Wheels – Fordable Walker

Walking Frame Without Wheels – Fordable Walker


Product Description

Walking Frame  or zimmer frames refers to a piece of equipment which provides additional support to an individual when walking or standing. A walking frame is designed to be used over short to medium distances and can have accessories added to it to accommodate each individual’s requirements.

Walking frames, like all walking aids, are used for two purposes: as a tool for rehabilitation when the user is recovering from an injury or operation; and for long term use when the user has a permanent difficulty with walking unassisted.

The function of the walking frame

The walking frame offers a number of functions, the following cover those, important, functions:

–          Increase the confidence of the user’s walking ability.

–          Weight redistribution – weight is distributed through the arms and transferred away from the legs. This helps reduce fatigue.

–          Provides a wider support base, thus greater stability.

Using a Walking Frame safely 

As mentioned earlier, independent/disabled living centers and occupational therapists offer a wealth of information about walking aids, they will also offer assistance with training users and advising about best practice. However, there are simple factors one should take into account when using a walking frame safely;

–          In the home: Loose carpet, mats, rugs, a cluttered area are all potential hazards.

–          Wet floors: Walking aids should not be used on wet floor environments.

–          Footwear: Footwear should be functional, supportive and appropriate.

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