Wall pulley system
Wall pulley system

Wall pulley system



Product Description

Clinic Wall Pulley System Permanently attaches to clinic wall for in-patient rehabilitation. it is designed to perform counter-resistance strengthening exercises for upper and lower limbs. Exercises can be performed in all directions, either standing or seated, and with limited variable loads applied by means of weights.

The Overhead Wall Pulley System is a conveniently wall-mounted device for performing range of motion exercises from either a seated or standing position. Comfortable to use and remarkably durable, this tool is a great addition to any rehabilitation office or therapy clinic.

The chrome-plated steel construction of this unit makes it strong enough to withstand daily use, yet attractive enough to be installed in an open area. Foam hand grips make it comfortable to use and allow patients to get a solid, sturdy grip before pulling down.

Busy physical therapy clinics will appreciate how this unit folds to project just 6.5″ from the wall when not in use. This feature minimizes the chance of it being bumped into, and makes it great for small spaces.

This pulley system comes with five disc weights: two 1.25 lb. discs, and three 2.5 lb. discs, which allows therapists to add or remove weight as is appropriate.

Product Benefits:

  • Seated or standing accessibility ? Making the tool capable of being used from either an active or passive stance increases the range of patients who can benefit from using it
  • Folds compactly ? When not being used, this pulley system takes up little space while remaining immediately available should therapy be needed
  • Five interchangeable disc weights ? Can be combined to achieve various weight loads and customized as users move through therapy checkpoints


Chest pulleys are an important part of many rehabilitation programs; these pulleys come with handles, weights, hardware indicated. The handle is mounted at chest height on single handle unit; chest and floor height on double handle unit; and chest, floor and shoulder height on triple handle unit (ceiling height of 10 feet is needed for triple handle); choose from single or dual tower  set-ups. Simply select the weight level by inserting “pin” into weight stack at increments of 2 pounds. Exercisers are wheelchair accessible. The handles can be adjusted to any starting height; adjust the rope slip to lengthen or shorten the pulley rope. Additional weights and handles available. 

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