Thoracic Corsets – Lumbosacral – Clavicle Brace – Thoracolumbar in Kenya

Thoracic corsets are braces applied externally to the segments thereof in order to restore or improve function, or structural characteristics of the segment encumbered by the device. Our braces are designed to provide immobilization of lumber and upper thoracic spine to minimize anterior/posterior, medial/lateral support and rotational control. Braces are designed to provide intra-abdominal pressure biomechanically. This achieves trunk stabilization and extends into the thoracic region of the spine. Normally, shoulder straps are included to help resist forward flexion of the body. Materials are varied and can be elastic with Velcro closures or canvas.

Products on offer include Thoracolumbar appliance, Lumbosacral corset, Abdominal binder, Tummy trimmer, Rib belt, Chest brace, Hyperextension brace and clavicle brace. The 12 thoracic vertebrae are situated between the cervical (neck) vertebrae and the lumbar vertebrae and are represented by the symbols T1 through T12. The ribs are connected to the thoracic spine and protect many vital organs.

Why buy Thoracic Corsets from Orthodynamic?

At Orthodynamic Limited we are offering these range of products that are meant to give stability, comfort and immobilisation to the thoracic region thereby providing a definite solution to the most of the thoracic problems. Our  TLSO (thoracolumbar support orthosis) model are well padded to increase comfort under the arms when attaching the guide straps. The distal ends of the straps have a small hook and can be adjusted to the height and width of the patient.