Varicose Vein Stockings Ag Class 1 – Thigh Length

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Global Theater Operation standard procedure requires one to manage patients blood circulation to avoid stasis..a process that leads to embolism, most agreeable method is use of compression stockings, pre and post operation..

According to the research done it was evident that stockings have minimal adverse effects that are not fatal as compared to those done under anticoagulants..Therefore all paramedics should adopt this new development to avert deaths or other complications…

Compression stockings can also be used to manage edema/swelling and Varicose veins. An example is those people who swell Lower limbs(legs) whenever they are traveling..another one is upper extremity lymph edema (swelling of the hand(s) ) that is common for those that have undergone mastectomy…e.t.c Medical stockings come in different models and sizes with other features like,Upper/lower extremities,height,color,class,open and close toes.

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