Thomas splint

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The Thomas splint is a common piece of equipment in emergency departments and orthopedic units in hospitals worldwide. Its basic design has changed little since its first description by Hugh Owen Thomas was published in 1875. We have reviewed the origins of the Thomas splint as a means of correction of deformities of the lower limb and its evolution through both World Wars into an essential item for the management of trauma of the lower limb.

Indications for Use

Thomas splint Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use and apply whilst maintaining maximum patient comfort
  • Length adjustment achieved with a simple push button mechanism
  • Lower limb measurements in both centimeters and inches clearly indicated on the side arms of the splint
  • Manufactured from strong, durable stainless steel
  • Universal – fits left and right
  • Interchangeable thigh hoops, available in six sizes with disposable hoop covers
  • Splints available in two sizes – Paediatric and Adult
  • Reduces risk of cross infection due to ‘clean wash’ hoops and autoclavable splints
  • Available as a starter kit or as individual components (sold separately)

Required Measurements

  • Inside leg length (unaffected side)
  • Oblique thigh circumference (unaffected side)

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