Emergency Rescue stretcher (Folding & collapsible)

Emergency Rescue stretcher (Folding & collapsible)


Medical Folding Aluminum Alloy Emergency Rescue Stretcher features heavy-duty aluminum poles for easy handling and heavy-duty, vinyl-coated oxford covers that resist stains, blood, and bodily fluids.
Rugged spreader bars and legs that provide support.
Nonslip handgrips help EMTs keep a firm grasp on the stretchers.
Folds lengthwise and transverse for compact storage.
Each stretcher includes two quick-release patient restraints.

Product Description

Medical Folding Aluminum Alloy Emergency Rescue Pole Stretcher

Emergency Rescue stretcher is a versatile and effective addition to your first aid supplies, giving you a simple way to move people away from danger or take incapacitated personnel to a medical room. This folding stretcher takes up minimal storage space and its lightweight design makes it easy to use and transport.

The stretcher is made from PVA with a strong aluminum frame. It’s resistant to fire and water, and won’t crack. It’s also easy to keep clean and hygienic. In high visibility, the stretcher is quick to find in an emergency, and its matching carry bag gives you a safe place to store it and a convenient way to transport it. This Stretcher is ideal for use in emergency situations that demand safe and fast patient removal.  The stretcher is PVC coated and the polyester is anti-bacterial, stain, chemical, and crack resistance.

Emergency Rescue stretcher Features:

The folding stretcher is made of a high strength aluminum alloy material and the waterproof leather materials.
Can be folded in length and width,
Easy for transportation and storage.
The fabric is fireproof, waterproof, anti-cracking, and easy to clean.
It is characterized by its being lightweight, portable, reliable quality, easy to carry out and safe to use, etc.
It is mainly used for the hospitals, emergency centers, and battlefield to carry patients and wounded person.

PVC stretcher surface

Made of high strength aluminum alloy material.

Being light-weighted, small-sized, and easy-carried.

Good reputation for reliable quality and service.

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