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Metatarsal Pad

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Metatarsal Pad

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Product Description

Metatarsal Pad

Helps with pain or numbness in the balls of your feet (metatarsal). Metatarsal Ball of Foot Pad Cushion promotes even distribution of weight. Spreads pressure and Eases your pain

One pad for each foot, Left, and Right. Perfect to use for day to day walking or light activities – anywhere your feet can use a little help.

ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Best used with a tight-fitting sock. Guaranteed to fit your foot size.

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These Metatarsal pads from Perfect Posture are soft, reusable pads created to provide comfort for your feet. The doctor-approved pads assist in redistributing pressure to relieve metatarsal pain. They help alleviate painful friction while walking or running. They are stretchable and washable.

How can these pads help with pain?

Metatarsal pads help reconfigure your foot to the position that nature intended. Perfect Posture Metatarsal pads assist in spreading your transverse arch (behind the ball of your food), help reduce your toe overextension, and encourage the return of your forefoot fat pad to its rightful position supporting the heads of your metatarsal bones.

What do the Perfect Posture metatarsal pads provide?


Immediate Relief
Eliminate Pressure Points
Instant Soothing
Take Your Foot Pains Away
Increased blood flow to the lower extremities
Superior comfort

These cushioning pads are specially designed for feet metatarsalgia treatment, and to provide relief for Metatarsal Pain/Calluses, Blisters, Ball of Foot Pain, Aching Feet and Neuroma.

It is made from very soft but durable material, stretchable, with CoolTec Gel to keep your feet comfortable and cool, and they stay in place by toe loops. Best used with tight-fitting socks.

One size fits all! Use them whenever you will be standing for long periods of time or for activities like jogging or walking when your feet need extra cushioning.


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