ROM Elbow Brace
ROM Elbow Brace

ROM Elbow Brace


Product Description

ROM Elbow Brace

ROM Elbow Brace(Range of motion elbow brace) provides post-operative immobilization or range-of-motion control for the elbow. It can offer a conservative treatment for elbow dislocation or luxation, and can be adjusted with ease to suit the individual requirements of the wearer.

Indications of the ROM Elbow Brace

The ROM Elbow Brace has been designed to provide reliable post-operative immobilisation, controlling range of movement to help with healing and recovery.

It can also be worn as part of a conservative treatment for elbow dislocation, and is suitable for stable or internally fixed fractures of the distal humorous or proximal radius or ulna.

Benefits of the ROM Elbow Brace

With a one-push bottom providing length adjustment from 34cm to 43cm, the ROM Elbow Brace can be altered to best fit the wearer. It features transcendent overall adjustability, while also being available in one size to fit most people to eliminate the need to measure limbs.

Additionally, the elbow brace is made from a breathable laminated soft foam material, which allows air to flow through the brace and keep the skin cool. This improves the hygiene of the brace, making it suitable for longer wear.

Immobilization with the ROM Elbow Brace

The ROM Elbow Brace provides immobilization of the elbow at 10° to 15° increments. It limits range of movement by adjusting the hinge settings. The hinge is designed to limit the elbow joint from extending further once it has reached a certain degree. This is done to protect the soft tissue of the elbow joint and allow it to heel after surgery or injury and to not allow the elbow joint to re-injure in the same way. This means that a post-op elbow brace can be worn before and after surgery for maximum protection. By providing adjustable immobilization, the brace will be ideal for conditions where progressive treatment and healing takes place. It can be altered over time as and when required to accommodate the changing needs of the injured or affected elbow.

Extension and Flexion Limitations

The ROM Range of Motion Elbow Brace is available for both the right and the left elbow, and can be adjusted to provide the preferred extension and flexion limitations. The immobilization of the elbow can be altered for both extension and flexion limitation at 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90°.


  • EASY HINGE: Easy One Touch adjustment for your desired Range of Motion
  • LENGTH ADJUSTMENT: Telescoping length allows for better control of the elbow
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: Adjustable straps and Velcro for easy fitting and fast removal
  • COOLING DESIGN: Cool wrap soft goods for improved support and easier strut length adjustments
  • UNIVERSAL: Comes in Left and Right, Universal sizing

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